Center for ENT diseases

Center for ENT diseases

Center for ENT diseases Kibs hospital a center for treatment of ENT diseases and emergency care which is given by ENT specialist.  

Center for General Medicine

Center for General Medicine Kibs hospital is having basic medical routine and emergency care which is given by physician.

Center for Neonatology

Center for Neonatology Advance neonatology care unit with inborn n outborn section is available at kibs hospital. Neonatal intensive care unit is equipped with warmers, syringe pumps, neonatal ventilators, multi para-monitors etc.

Center for Pediatric Medicine

Center for Pediatric Medicine Kibs hospital is having pediatricians for routine consultation and emergency pediatric care.

Center for General Surgery

Center for General Surgery Kibs hospital is having experienced general surgeon who is operating n looking after general surgical emergencies and routine cases. Facilities for  advance laparoscopic surgeries are also available.  

Center for Minimal Invasive Surgery

Center for Minimal Invasive Surgery We aim to enhance the well being of patients we serve by providing advanced, high-tech surgical solutions and recovery care in a convenient, compassionate surgical environment.

Center for Obstetrics Gynecology

FACILITIES IN OBSTETRICS High risk pregnancy Fetal monitoring with CTG Prenatal and antenatal counselling Infertility treatment   FACILITIES IN GYNECOLOGY Abnormal menstrual bleeding Fibroid uterus Pelvic inflammatory disease Prolapse uterus Adolescent problems Menopausal problems Contraception counselling Cancer screening and management Laproscopic surgeries Breast diseases treatment Ovarian tumour management

Center for Pediatric Urology

Center for Pediatric urology Kibs hospital is managing all the cases related to pediatric urology . Hospital is equipped with neonatal cystoscope and high definition endoscopic unit. Urogenital diseases :- Undescended  testis, Torsion testis, Hypospadias , Epispadias , Phimosis, Paraphimosis, Pelvi ureteric junction obstructions , Vesico Ureteric reflux  ( reimplantation and sting operations)  posterior urethral…

Center for Pediatric Surgery

Center for Pediatric surgery Kibs hospital and research center is dedicated  for Pediatric surgery. Hospital is equipped with all the modern gadgets to successfully operate and manage patients of Pediatric surgery. We are managing Following cases :- Antenatal counseling for antenatally diagnosed diseases in foetus eg; Intestinal atresia, tracheo-esophageal fistula , congenital diaphragmatic hernia,  hydronephrosis…